Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sinclair Beiles's poem 'Terrible dreams' and a letter to Carl Weissner translated into French

Carl Weissner: Letter to Sinclair Beiles, March 30, 1971. 
Dear Sinclair: The Sahara took water. And now what? While armies of hippies kneeling along the San Andreas Fault waiting for a sign. It's fascinating, this kind of stupidity that human beings are subjects, always. I see your ambassador just tickle the Athens junta to expedite your release and your repatriation. Was it reasonable to continue on bread and water, etc.., When you finally get so successful to score, even the bums in the world believe us immortal. Penniless in Greece? Therefore goes in the port of Piraeus amocher the first naval officer comes, you will be arrested and locked up pronto! Behold thy roof over your head. I remember, like, if I will find myself stuck without an arrow in a port, single, sitting or wandering and no place to anchor .... Read more here 

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